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Lobby Days

We take the stress away from managing and coordinating your next event.
Focus on your issues, not data entry.

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What Does Lobby Days Do?

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Planning a Lobby Day at the Capitol

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We have over a decade of experience in politics and we know how frustrating and time-consuming lobby days at the capitol are. That’s why we want to make them easier for everyone.

Legislator Matching

Automatically match your attendees to their legislators

Schedule Your Meeting

Set meetings with the Capitol staff in order to keep everyone organized and on track.

Confirm Automatically

Confirmed meetings are automatically logged into your dashboard on Lobby Days and into your event calendar.

Legislator Matching

Matching your lobby day registrants to their legislators is currently a time-consuming manual entry process. You have to individually copy and paste each person’s location into a webform and then copy and paste their legislators into a spreadsheet. Now, do that again 200 times!

We automated it so that your attendees are automatically matched to their legislators and put into a dashboard for you. It’s so simple, and yet it will save you hours of data entry time!

Schedule Your Event

The next big time-consuming process is scheduling meetings with legislators and their staff at the Capitol. Currently, you have to call to get the scheduler’s name and email address, and then email them….and email them again….and again…until you can settle on a time for your attendees to come talk about your issues.

We’re automating this process too, with automatic email reminders sent to Capitol staff on a timeline that you have control over. Just send an initial email with a few time slots and move on with your day! We’ll ping the office again if they don’t reply, and you will only have to act when we alert you that the office is not responsive.

Confirm Your Appointments Automatically

When the emails go out to Capitol staff, they can choose from time slots you provide. Once they make a choice, your dashboard is automatically updated to show that the meeting is confirmed, and who your group will be meeting with.

Lobby Days takes the spreadsheets and copy/pasting ad nauseum out of the equation, and makes it easier for you to focus on what matters during a legislative session….your issues.

Spend Your Time on Strategy, Not Scheduling

We know that time during a legislative session is precious. That’s why we created Lobby Days – so you can spend your time on what matters, and not on administrative tasks.

"I wanted to create something that I would use and that my colleagues would use. This software is the culmination of a lot of hard work and a lot of careful thought. We hope you like it!"

-Andy Cates, Managing Partner